Launch of TNTT Token

TTNT is a blockchain token created by with the aim of encouraging community participation in interacting and sharing useful information about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the latest technologies in the world.

Note: The information in this article may be out of date. Check out the latest information at

Holders of this token get special benefits such as:

  • Prove your contribution in building the community
  • Priority in accessing information and opportunities from the community as well as
  • Also, TTNT holders can give away this token as a regular blockchain token
  • Other benefits may be added as the community thrives

The contract source code of TTNT has been verified on BscScan.

Information about TTNT

  • Name:
  • Symbol: TTNT
  • Chain: Binance Smart Chain
  • Contract Address: 0xDB7AE90f2666A6C2F9A43cF37b7633Fda5c2A882
  • Develop and maintain by:
  • Purpose: Community Development
  • Closing date of the list of rewards: 10th of each month (Transactions arising after the closing date of the list will be paid on the following month’s payout date)
  • Payout date: 20th of every month
  • Main Exchange: Pancakeswap

Get TTNT for free (AirDrop)

The steps to configure MetaMask Wallet to receive TTNT are as follows:

Note: You must perform these steps on a computer

Step 1: Install MetaMask Wallet

This step is quite simple (if you feel you need a guide, you can find out on your own on the Internet). Then RELOAD THE PAGE and click the button below to check if you have successfully installed it or not.

Note: For Chrome, you should pin the plugin to facilitate the following steps.

Step 2: Connect MetaMask to BSC

Please click the button below to add Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to your chain list and connect MetaMask to this chain.

Note: In this step you need to login on MetaMask and have to approve the transaction.

Step 3: Add TTNT to your token list

Please click the button below to add TTNT to your token list:

Note: In this step you need to login on MetaMask and have to approve the transaction.

Last step: Sign up for free TTNT!!

Copy your wallet address on MetaMask.

Congratulations on getting to this step, copy your wallet address as shown above and comment it on the Facebook post below. You will receive 1 AirDrop TTNT to your wallet on the payout date.

Note: Each Facebook account can only receive AirDrop once.


The goal of TTNT is to recognize everyone’s contribution to the development of this Artificial Intelligence Community. You will receive AI when you post to share knowledge, information and interact in the community.

Post Format

  • Posts must match the topic, follow the group rules and contain a standard hashtag
  • The wallet address (Binance Smartchain) must be provided under the posts.
  • Trituenhantao admins when writing articles need to sign name (or pseudonym) and provide a wallet address in the post.
  • Posts that do not have a wallet address are considered as giving up the right to claim TTNT.

Number of TTNT claimed according to each post type

Standard HashtagMeaningNumbe of TTNT
#trituenhantao_paperAbout your own or someone else’s scientific paper250
#trituenhantao_communityCommunity post on community.trituenhantao.io500
#trituenhantao_shareShare something useful for the community250
#trituenhantao_questionRaise a question100
#trituenhantao_discussionDiscuss some topic100
#trituenhantao_votingConsult the majority100
#trituenhantao_relaxEntertainment, fun, relax250
Number of TTNT claimed according to each post type

Top Contributor

In addition, you can also earn TTNT through becoming the Top Contributor of the group.

Every month, Top Contributor (limited to 5 people) will be counted by Facebook based on active participation in the group:

  • Number of posts in group
  • Number of comments in group

The Top Contributors will receive 5000 TTNT in the month of winning the title.

You have enough information already! Let’s start this exciting journey together and help build a strong Artificial Intelligence Community in Vietnam!

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